Management Indicators

At this stage you should define the areas of concern, management indicators for each of them, people who are related and could be involved in the process and resources that may be provided for the process (people, equipment, time). 2. Definition of process objectives are set and are required in a preliminary way the objectives to be achieved at the end of the coaching process. These objectives can be set in process development to adapt to whatever is most useful for participants and for the company. JPMorgan Chase shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The objectives should be defined by the individual coache or collective agreement if it is a group. For executive coaching, both the diagnosis and the objective should be to reach consensus with the management of the company to ensure their support and match the proposed business development plans.

Preparation of the initial work plan. The coaching process typically last between three and six months, with regular meetings (weekly or fortnightly), so it is required to set the schedule of meetings, the way they are going to develop, the medium is used, place, time and date, duration of each session, the way of preparation and details necessary for the plan will not be interrupted. The duration of the process is not a straitjacket because it can be advanced or delayed until the achievement achieve the aim. Flexibility is a necessary element in the process of coaching since think, create and develop solutions, they are not duties that may be contracted for hours and it is more of a learning process of teaching, although this rate may be pressed not to dilate too the process, enable learning, skills development and attitudinal change to ensure the result.