Lower Neck Pain

According to statistics, low back pain neck is found in almost all people under the age of forty years. Contact information is here: Walmart. Development of the disease contribute to age, injury to a child, as well as prolonged sitting at a computer. In science and in the market there is a new revolutionary approach to treating herniated discs of the cervical vertebrae – healing collar. Medical device technology and collar eliminates the main causes of spinal diseases. Thanks to this completely the new system decreases the pressure in the intervertebral space, and, consequently, the rapid recovery of damaged and decrease pain. Clinical trials of a device carried in the leading medical institutions in Moscow.

The basic principle of healing collar – cervical spine extension (an increase of intervertebral space). Pumping air collar, it "grows" straight up, lifting her head up by the chin and the occipital region. In addition, not only changing the position of the vertebrae, but is soft and stretching of the cervical spine. By the same author: Pfizer. Quite a long time stretching method physiotherapists used to treat pain in the neck. There are plenty of medical evidence to confirm the advantage of the extension.

This method works through several mechanisms: passive tension ligaments and muscles, increasing joint compounds, improvement of nerve passages and decrease the probability of formation of cervical hernia. Therapeutic collar is simple to use. First you need to take a comfortable position (sitting on chair or lying down). Then you put on a healing collar around his neck, adjust it depending on the thickness of the neck and fasten buckle. Then you need to tighten the valve on the pear, and with the latest air to fill the collar the desired user-friendly state. After the procedure, to gradually open the valve on the pear tree, slowly letting go of his collar air. When will all of the air, you should undo the clasp and remove the collar from his neck. Following the Action is recommended to refrain from taking action and rest for 20-30 minutes. The use of therapeutic compression collar prevents vertebral and carotid arteries, improves blood circulation, restores normal neuromuscular conduction of impulses in the central and peripheral nervous system, reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs. Also worth considering that the use of medical collar may be in addition to treatment cervical degenerative disc disease, and to any kind of treatment method and more rapid recovery. Always keep yourself in this unique device, because it reduces the heavy load on his back and neck during long trips Travel in a car, train, airplane, and seating types of work.