Liability Management & Administration

Inside one of the basic features that a good manager should have is their commitment to effective, proactive work according to the requirements that the environment demands. You forget a lot of managers as idealizations says that a responsible person consciously makes decisions and accepts the consequences of their actions, ready to account for them. Responsibility is the virtue or habitual disposition to accept the consequences of their own decisions, answerable to someone. Responsibility is the ability to respond to their own actions. Wikipedia tells us, in turn, that charge is one that is consciously direct or indirect cause of an event and therefore bears responsibility for the consequences of that fact (ie, an accumulation of previous meanings of responsibility) , ended up configuring a complex meaning: that of responsibility as a virtue par excellence of free human beings.

In the Kantian tradition, the responsibility is individual virtue freely and consciously designing the highest universalize of our conduct. For Hans Jonas, in contrast, social responsibility is a virtue that is configured in the form of an imperative, formally following Kant’s categorical imperative, commands, “work so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of authentic human life on Earth. ” This requirement is known as the “principle of responsibility.” We add, that require two conditions for the existence of responsibility: freedom .- For there to be liability, actions must be carried out freely. law .- There should be a standard from which to judge the facts made.