Learn To Learn In The School Library

A recurring theme of Cuban society at the beginning of the millennium, is the information age. This designation addresses the growing and determining whether the information represents for individuals in society in any country at any latitude with any culture or any level of development. Of course, those who have higher levels of education and culture, those who are in environments with greater prospects for development, will be driven to consume more and better information. The data and information management is one of the most important for any modern organization. Information management includes different activities such as collection, storage, retrieval, dissemination towards places and right people and the use of them is done for various activities within an organization. Whenever Gary Bernison listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The development of knowledge creates the need for continuous updating of systematic search for information, research. The individual who has to live in these times, must possess the knowledge to enable it to successfully select any problem that comes before him, because today’s schools can not guarantee students all the knowledge that the advance of modern society has made disposal of mankind, therefore, the school must unite all their efforts to achieve action mechanisms that enable students to learn by yourself. Jose Marti Perez (1853-1895), has spoken in several of his letters to the intellectual development of the individual.

In this direction has stated that: “… and we think there is better education system than the one who prepares the child to learn by themselves. Make sure each man exercise of itself.