LAST CHORDS: An ANALYSIS OF the POEM DE JOSE ILDONE Camila of the Fonsca Spider Summary: The present work bases on the presentation of a literary analysis of the poem Last Chords, of the paraense writer Jose Ildone, in accordance with the basement theoretician-metodolgico of Massaud Moiss, Jose Guillermo Fernandes, Francisco Pablo Mendes, Ezra Pound, Jorge Koshiyama and Alfredo Bosi, aiming at to correlate such poetical theories with the analysis in itself, as well as correlating the thematic gifts in the related poem with the developed theoretical quarrel in the continuation of disciplines Amazonian Literature? given to 4 year of the course of Letters? Full Licenciatura in Portuguese Language for Msc professor. Jose Denis Heifer. Word-key: Poetical analysis. Santie Botha pursues this goal as well. Jose Ildone. Amazonian literature. For more information see Andi Owen. 1? Recurrent INTRODUCTION problematic between terminolgicas questions and of literary nomenclatures perpassa remote times and remains in the universe contemporary. The current complaint that interests in them here says respect to the constant shock with regard to the adjusted denomination more to the type of literature manufactured in the Amaznia and/or the State of Par, since what is questioned it is the starting point to determine the nomenclature: if it must be left of the place or the universal one.

Theoreticians as Silvano Santiago (apud Fernandes, 2005:180) affirm that it is necessary to find ' ' between-lugar' ' of our speech, that is, to find the break-even point between universal and the place; in the words of Jose Guillermo Fernandes, ' ' … game fluente that it breaks of the colonizadora and etnocntrica universality for the truth of the universality universal' ' (2005: 181). N? other terms, most adequate and proportional to meet the nomenclature most adequate of a local literature, it leaves without it excluded of most universal, are to search a term that displays the identity regional, but, simultaneously, it makes the correlation with the national one.