John Rawls

However, to appraise justice is not so simple. Since the most remote antiquity this term has been objective of quarrels between religious thinkers, philosophers and of the most diverse civilizations and traditions. Nor always the scholars agree to its last direction. For another side, has consensus enters the specialists of whom the term comes of the Latin justitia and says respect to the equality of all the citizens. Its bigger symbol is one decrees with the vendados eyes, indicating that justice must search the equality between all the people and that the values of ' ' equality of all before lei' ' , of that ' ' all have equal guarantees legais' ' of that ' ' all have equal direitos' ' they are unnegotiable pillars to be defended for justice.

However, ahead of the many facts abundantly notified by the media, an ideal to continue must be recognized to be this to be pursued. Especially for the poor persons and villains of this and other countries. Theoretical CONTRADICTIONS OF the TERM as Hans Kelsen, Jrgem Habermas, Cham Perelman and John Rawls show the complexity that engloba the justice idea. For Kelsen, justice is related with the guarantee of the individual happiness of all the people in determined social order, which must protect interests, principles and values that they aim at to preserve the society. For another side, for Habermas justice has to see with the emanation of the discursiva will of the free and equal citizens. Already Perelman defends the justice idea as to treat in the same way the human beings that are equal in certain point of view and that they possess one same characteristic and Rawls advocates justice as equity. Each one of these theories has practical consequences for () the citizen () common and thousand of pages has been written the favor and against each one of them.