InvestitionsBank Berlin

New blog for creative, digital Bohemian, independents, Freelancer, free and all other employees on what how the thoughts that are happening in the scene, what really moves the founder: these are the issues that now day – efforts are 😉 – be blogged on This wants to make different things than other green Derb logs. Many blogs publish press releases or advertising for startups, eGruender want to write against this trend and bring opinions and comments, your own ideas and surreptitious advertising. The reporting focuses on Berlin, because the founders come from the region and of course, Berlin is also the center of the digital Bohemians. People such as Jeremy Tucker would likely agree. “Poor but sexy” as Berlin motto should be now known each. The focus of reporting will be the “other work”, which is located away from the traditional life of the employees, but also out of the way of the normal founder. Therefore the blog first and foremost dedicated to the concerns of the creative, digital Bohemian, independents, Freelancers and free, so all their work that is completely different and new, mostly digital. These demanding requirements are to the eGruender blog to something special, but above all enrich the life of the founder.

A nice story to loosen up work, a new idea, the creative in his recent project paper can work, or just a quote, which stimulates thinking. Nothing earth-shattering, but some relaxation for the mind. About has a unique audience, Dipl.-Volkswirt Dietmar Fischer, one of the co-founders: “at an event of the InvestitionsBank Berlin, the Chamber of Commerce and the entrepreneur Institute I had a nice conversation with an organizer. I told her that my target group – creative and open founders – is hardly represented. That said, I would not contact me also the “real founder”. “That got me thinking: clearly graphic designers and organizers of game nights are not welcome at the established Foundation sponsors” is now faced with the task to give news, jobs and ideas Web 2.0 based, and not unilaterally, but interactive, so these founders in the context of a CommunityInfos.

The founder: Dietmar Fischer, Economist, business consultant, lecturer at the University of Economics (FHW) Berlin, amateur historian and saxophone player.