If you want to get rid of everything else, you only have to click on the sign less which is located to the left of the option to all thing others to minimize this section. 4. Follow the day when you return from your vacation. Once you’ve returned from a relaxing holiday and you’ve seen you overwhelmed by your Inbox? You can use the view all the section important and unread link to focus only on the important messages in a principle. After having looked at all the important mail, you can check everything else. Tips to feel comfortable with priority then, are some tips for using priority:-check the usual received folder or section everything else every so often to make sure that Gmail does not escape him any important messages. If this is the case, just use the button important to teach Gmail what is what matters most to you. -Find the setting that best suits your needs.

If still not you trust you enough about the classification of importance of Gmail, try to configure the top section to receive the messages not read, the central section to display important messages and the bottom section to display everything else. That way, all unread messages will be grouped in one place and, in addition, you can decide if Gmail is correctly identifying the messages that you consider important. -Are you too shy to venture you? Some people believe that using the usual received folder and teach the system since there is a good way of allowing Gmail to learn what is important to users without having to delve into priority immediately. When you consider that Gmail is doing a good job in identifying important messages, returns to priority and checks section.