It is worth mentioning, by way of illustration, the use of Interior pillars or columns and arches to give you more stability and support to the structure as a sign of advanced design for the time. All this confirms the careful attention which was given in some cases to architectural planning, from the initial provisions, either in drawings, schemes or similar guides to the selection of appropriate raw. The passage of time has led on the one hand to the use of new materials, more resistant, lighter and more enduring. And on the other hand, will be shelved the practicality in design aesthetics, which leads to concentrate increasingly on the architectural details. Housing particular is not just a place to live with the basic and essential for subsistence but is, today, the area in which the individual can express and expose their tastes and preferences.

Since the planes already are can go appreciating custom design which the owner tends to prevail in its housing. The use of materials and their most varied combinations create different environments and distinct spaces, each one with their respective States of mood and personality clearly defined. Far away were those constructions of houses in large pieces and high ceilings that were distributed around a central courtyard which served as the only link between each of the rooms of the same or ones in which the bathroom with its dependencies were outside the areas of the main dwelling. Today the practicality in the functionalities of the housing and the warmth that is printed on each of the quarters of the same, make that new challenges arise for architectural design professionals. These challenges make a career in architecture, a rich in terms of possibilities, profession given that professionals and students of the same must learn not only how to use various building materials available and the various technical aspects in construction in general, but also has to know how to take advantage of more subjective elements such as different edificativos styles in vogue and how to give him a personality to each of its projects. From theory overturned at initial sketches and levels up to the materialization of the same in practice with the finished House in which has taken into account the preferences staffs who ultimately will be the inhabitants of the same and will have to enjoy its facilities and amenities in the journal live.