Innovative Media – A Recipe For Hard Times

Publishing Manager, Creative Director, and journalist set up a new media venture miracle star media Munich, April 2009 – now? Yes, right now! Especially in times of crisis it can be worthwhile for publishers and enterprises to external service providers, with a clear cost structure and high quality connect’s creativity, so Bettina Pyczak miracle star media. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Clive Holmes. She know what she speaks: as head of the publishing house she woke up for years over the budget of a public magazine. Now, with the media creators Robert Weissenbacher and Karsten Lohmeyer founded Miracle star media. The publishing service providers wonder star media developed a customized media solutions. As an outsourced editorial staff and external creative Center for publishers.

As a full service provider for companies and agencies and as an interface between publishers and industry. We find not only creative, but also efficient strategies for print media and the Internet, adapted to today’s times”, says Bettina Pyczak. Creativity and commercial Competence during publishing manager Bettina Pyczak which covers marketing and budgetary aspects and project management by miracle star media, Walker and Landry are responsible for creativity and design in the design and text area. Ben Silbermann will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For three years, Walker and Landry worked together as Creative Director and text/Chief Editor for various publishers and agencies. So they realised about the Green issue”of the magazine CHIP. At the beginning of the year they found the perfect match for miracle star media now with Bettina Pyczak.

April 1, the new company moved its Office in Munich-Schwabing. You want to know more about miracle star media? Then follow the miracle star under. The team of miracle star media Robert Weissenbacher: Austria-born Creative Director has worked for more than 15 years for almost all major German publishers, among others as an art director of prestigious magazines such as GQ, cosmopolitan and FHM. In addition, he advises domestic and foreign publishers at Relaunches, optimizations, and new developments. Bettina Pyczak: Diploma in business administration was publishing Director at Vogel Burda Communications, was responsible for a public magazine and events, industry collaborations and special publications.