How To Get From Bremen To Tripoli?

\”The normal flight chaos at Lufthansa before ‘Daisy’ Friday the 8.1.2010, a day before the snow warning low Daisy\”, the shuttle machine, from Bremen to Frankfurt, starts at 11,15. That is about half an hour later than planned. The captain announced in the announcement that he the delay on the scheduled 40 minute flight, soon wants to catch up. 12,05 pm the will was there, the flesh was weak we land in Frankfurt. Renovations, blocked roads, no signs I have international terminal, all the way down in the basement, last departure terminal.

New rules, making the series, shine through the hand luggage, already for the second time today, the computer must be unpacked, then longer discussions why it carries a piggy bank in the luggage. Feels like 5 kilometres away, upstairs, downstairs, and now unpack the next control, computers in the basement, discussions about the piggy bank, take off the jacket, first waiting room some people, 2 waiting room empty. 2 people are standing at the desk, the plane is gone. It is scarce 12.30 pm. I’m still quite out of breath, no announcements, no waiting no calls. Why the machine was sure the supposedly already full though I before 3 weeks 30% more pay for my ticket I had one so can get confirmed flight. The Lufthansa cheated on me with such ticket sales? The people at the desk, again not responsible, send me upwards. 2 stairs up, great Hall, 4 switch Lufthansa surrounded by thirty Negroes and Indians, 2 switch other companies, free and slightly off 1 switch Lufthansa free.

The guy at the free counter takes my ticket. Then, he raunst me what I so long I made and why I need to find the Terminal 55 minutes. The flight should start now only 12,40 pm according to timetable. And expect the guy can’t also, also he is not responsible, he says. I got to the Negroes in the long series.