Grunderwettbwerb Stop: The Jury’s Decision Was Not Easy

The first by EmiL nrw and smart network district Kleve initiated founder competition ‘The best business idea’ on 30 October in Wesel decided. The jury (Dirk Schubel, Holger Thies, Ute Schmeiser and Andrea Feldmann) was not an easy task. A total of six participants presented their business plan. The participants had time to present their business plan and to answer questions of the jury every 10 minutes. Criteria were the business idea, their sustainability and design, but also the power of persuasion and personality of the founding people.

These founders were involved in the Endauscheidung: Heike Bruns (art for the nursery) Ursula Neugebauer (mobile sleep school) Birgit Ramsauer (your Weddingplaner) Michaela Schoofs (agricultural Office service) Nicole Vogt / Lars Bunger (nursery with integrated therapy garden) Maria Wouters (campground Kevelaer) the grand finale at the presentations before the jury withdrew for consideration, contact Maria Wouters son and husband, by them their presentation with guitars and musical made its own song. Then began the wait for the final decision of the jury. Holger Thies, handed the prizes the participants as Chairman of the jury, then also noted that it was a razor-thin decision. All ideas were elaborate and marketable. The participants on the 2nd received vouchers for free consultation hours of the EmiL-nrw team: Consulting (Karin Hambali), marketing consulting (Ute Schmeiser), financial consulting (Manfred Friske) and coaching (Sigrid NIEs) Ursula Neugebauer was awarded the first prize, a Premiumberatungspaket, EmiL-nrw. With their idea of mobile sleep school”she will count in the future individuals and companies to its clientele.

She goes to the customers to move along the path to relaxation. Already in the workshop before the Endauscheidung could convince themselves of their skills the participants of the competition and were unanimously of the opinion: it’s good and I can translate well. The initiators of the founder competition (EmiL-nrw and smart network district Kleve) this was certainly not the last action for current and future entrepreneurs. See for more information about the contest. Sigrid NIEs