Growing Importance Of Older Workers

Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed subsequent admission to the pension and unalterable demographic trends make the professional training of older workers increasingly significant for the business location Germany. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, labour and transport focuses new the training campaign for SMEs (WOM) that in cooperation with the European Social Fund. Get all the facts and insights with Ben Silbermann, another great source of information. The Hamburg-based funding expert and accountant Gunter Zielinski informs about new funding opportunities. The training initiative for SMEs is a programme of the Federal State of Lower Saxony and the European Social Fund. It focuses on facilitating the adaptation of workers and small and medium-sized enterprises to change structural conditions and securing jobs. External educational and advisory bodies that provide vocational training, or small benefit from the WMO programme and advise medium-sized enterprises in the area of staff development. Also facilities will develop, what new training and staff development practices that serve the adaptation of SMEs enterprises in the structural change. Only such companies that carry at least 5% of the total eligible expenditure itself received a subsidy in the training campaign.

Highly specified training activities are funded with up to 25% of their costs, General measures with up to 60%. Training received additional funding for disabled and impaired people, as well as aid in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises. The maximum grant amounts to 80% of the relevant total expenditure. Funding in the amount of two million euros are available for the new focus of special age-based personnel qualification in Lower Saxony SMEs”. He is promoted training for older workers, the consultation of SME businesses to the planning of human resources development and the development of methods age-sensitive and cross-generational training. The special focus was used to promote the adjustment of Lower Saxony SME businesses to the profound demographic changes, which the importance of older workers for economic value added will increase massively over the medium term. Education and consulting institutions, seeking a promotion in the part of the special focus, must submit their promotion concepts up to September 30, 2011 at the Investitions – und Forderbank Niedersachsen (NBank). The training campaign for the middle class is only one aspect of this year’s Lower Saxony programmes.

Total funded 56 programs together 8.8 million euros. Whether a promotion can successfully be applied for and which program best suits the own objectives, given the variety of available alternatives is hard to decide.