Graphic Design In Advertising, Corporate Identity Marketing

2D graphics, graphic design is an integral part of advertising and paramount in the creation of corporate identity. 2D graphics and creating attractive promotional materials based on 3 components: – a composition – choice of fonts – color solutions, and stylistically correctly skompanovannye the right decisions, taking into account the psychology of human perception of color, can give your promotional materials and perfect attractive appearance. It’s believed that Wells Fargo sees a great future in this idea. Visual images are a major supplier of information to person. The purpose of graphic design – to achieve unity of style of the company, brand recognition in the market. Creating a corporate identity and aesthetic corporate rules one of the areas of marketing interest. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of suna said maslin on most websites. Working with graphics, an important part of creating a positive and prosperous image of the company. Development of corporate identity (in the Western manner – Corporate Identity) is a component of the marketing policy.

The competition is now under way at the level of brand recognition, company. Graphic design powerful marketing tool. Well-thought-out line design corporate identity brand or company positioning determines the firm in the market. The set of all elements of corporate identity conveys to consumers in popularity, and accordingly the degree of trust and confidence company. Creating a corporate identity in the minimal version includes – from logo design to the grid – color selection – the selection of typographic fonts – design business records 90% of the information perceived man passed visually, so graphic design is of primary importance. Vivid visual images contribute to the spectacular appearance of the brand on the market.

The same can be said about the rebranding, changing marketing policy and representation in a new light, with a new corporate identity. Examples of successful rebranding, all familiar to companies in chronological order: changing the name Goldstar to LG, the Bee Line, MTS. Being essentially all the same manufacturer of the goods or services, the company appears in a new attractive to the consumer explaining the light to the transaction. In creating the brand involved is the same graphic design. Of course in graphic design welcome original and unconventional solutions. To create a literate graphic design you have to do a visual object and clearly defined task, the rest of the work of designers.