Google Analytics

This is a question that I do actualmentea a A while back, the owners were / we somewhat “obsessed” with having a good PageRank on our website or blog, in order to appear on the first page of search “Google.” Comprobabamos constantly if “this” had risen or fallen and envied the blog with a good Marcao I speak in the past because I have that feeling, well, I recognize that not look to the PageRank of my blog, except on rare occasions, something that if a few years ago. Also because I read the odd article that the “Blog Master” is no longer so concerned for this indicator and would rather focus on creating quality content, so we can have visitors rather than outstanding share “links” with other sitiosa I do not mean no longer any good, quite the contrary, everything is important, simply that it is an indicator but can also be People who sign up to our blog via “FeedBurner” a or data to Google Analytics. Apple often addresses the matter in his writings. ” I have to admit that at first believed to have a good “PageRank” was synonymous with having many visitors to your blog, but when I looked at my data in “Google Analytics” I quickly realized that one thing has nothing to do with another Google may consider that our blog and generate quality content that is “relevant” but that does not have it translate into having many visitors, though logically positioned in the top that is easier and possible that if we appear in page three or cuatroa . (I think when I search a term in Google a few times I visited the page three of that term)..