Fund Types Compared (Scoredex Presents!)

Just compare helps in finding a reputable financial investment! Funds of funds are mutual funds that invest in individual stocks do not like investment funds, but directly in other funds place capital. The umbrella Fund Manager manages the investment, thereby adopts the position of a financial adviser with assets management tasks. The broad risk diversification into different asset class, the customer has a lower risk to lose the invested capital. Funds are available and customizable for every type of investor according to the risk profile. The performance of this is seen in the long term, to assess investment form as stable. For the investor to take matching funds, it is recommended to make the selection after the reliability rating of SCOREDEX. Mutual funds of mutual funds is an umbrella term for different investment classes. For example, equity funds, Fund of funds, pension funds and hedge funds are among the mutual funds.

Basically each investor is open to this form of investment. Of mutual funds is in the German investment world the default case. Media Media Fund are melting pot of capital, investing in closed-end funds. These investors participate a film, TV production, or movie licenses. A pre-determined sum of drawing with a long term determined by the Fund Manager. The Fund is established in the legal form GmbH & co.

KG and acts almost as a film producer. Media funds offer investors a high return and additional tax savings. The flop risk of a film is considered one of the biggest drawbacks of the Media Fund, because the audience and its reactions are unpredictable. Therefore, it is recommended to seek advice at a reputable consultants and financial analysts is before investing. SCOREDEX offers the customer the possibility to find a reputable fund providers as well as a reputable financial advisor. Special Fund is the investment model of the special funds specifically aimed at institutional investor or investor group.