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Systems plug still in its infancy – test purchases almost exclusively negative – significant concerns about shipping refrigerated requiring products Munich/Dusseldorf, September 21, 2010 – the food group REWE is planning to sell food online. Winter 2011, various online concepts will be tested for this advance in some German cities. The announced REWE Chief Alain Caparros in an interview with the Wirtschaftswoche. The customer should choose later whether he can bring the goods ordered through the computer or she picks at an agreed time in the store freely after the Drive-In principle, the French supermarket chain Auchan and Leclerc offer since 2007. “These approaches, as Caparros, a form of insurance in the future meant for REWE: we can not afford to sleep important trends”.

The approach is anything but new. Already in July 2010, Amazon Germany has pursued this new distribution channel. The Hessian supermarket chain Tegut followed, also Otto will eventually follow suit. From the competition, Caparros is however convinced: we have made a few test purchases for individual competitors it was adventurous. You have to order half a week before and when the goods arrive, they need an additional dumpster alone for many packaging, not to mention the shipping.” A first receipt for food online shop Amazon was also from a Web-monitoring study, which carried out the Consline research and Consulting AG in the recent past.

Therefore, approximately 52 percent of users of online forums evaluate the online shop as a negative. Criticized in particular the marketplace system, where an order high shipping costs may apply, if the goods are delivered by different Amazon partners. Also, the Forum users express significant concerns about shipment of requiring cooling products. Test purchases of such products are valued almost exclusively negative. And actually need the companies in terms Packaging materials meet new criteria to take the natural inhibition before placing an online order for consumers. A label, which documented the cold chain of a product and makes visible defects at first glance, could remedy the situation. It is produced by the Baden-Wurttemberg system provider Bizerba. A special pigment color on the label is thereby charged during the packaging process with UV light and will appear at the beginning of a dark blue. The subsequent colour in the White is done as a function of time and temperature. The label is faded, consumers know that the cold chain has not been observed and is no longer to consume the product,”Claudia Gross, Director explains global marketing and communication at Bizerba. He could claim unausgepackt immediately there. So the Consline study, another result that the network little about other online grocery provider discusses, although they advertise for years to customers is also striking. Follow to Amazon with clear distance. Froodies, Edeka24,, or the online offer from Emperor BBs Tengelmann can be found, however, hardly any resonance. Because the market of online – food trade is very dynamic, the Consline AG will repeat the study soon, then maybe with very different results. Plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: