Factoring – Prejudice And Recommendations

Entrepreneurs should at an early stage the financing alternative factoring check “When a company must sell its receivables, then it is but just before the bust”. You will find this prejudice still. For more information see McKesson Corporation. For the customers of the FBW but this is not true, because they have a satisfactory credit history, what we attach special importance. The interest of owners and managers of medium-sized companies with sales sizes up to 4 million euros to the financial services product factoring increases significantly, what many requests and transactions. The importance of factoring in Germany is increasing. The chance to take advantage of assignment of receivables, factoring as a strategic tool of for business development is increasingly recognized. Factoring means a long-term cooperative relationship. A cost and benefits comparison by which the company recognizes the advantages of factoring process serves as a basis.

Entrepreneurs should consider early factoring the financing alternative. Should be a Lopsided already exist, can no longer be helped because factoring is not a restoration product. “Not”small, clever and broken”but”small, smart and perfect health”, these are companies that factoring are suitable for financing alternative, have recognized this and insert”. Factoring is a useful supplement to the classic medium – and long-term financing of the Bank. We see ourselves as partners of banks that contribute to an integrated optimal structure of financing through receivables management. The section includes 13 c VAT code, that shall be liable also for a quiet assignment of claims the financier for the payment of sales tax.

This will cause in the future again and again lenders to make further risk reductions in the evaluation of the debt stock. A further crunch of the credit supply of the middle class can be expected as a result. Conclusion: Today, in times of Basel II, just smaller, mid-sized companies should consider alternative forms of financing for your company. The advantages of a full service factoring obvious: immediate liquidity provision 100% takeover of the default risk of the customer Professional accounts receivable management. The financing obtained with factoring and action spaces can be used, for example, to finance growth, Z payment by taking advantage of the discount or the grant of extended payment terms. There are not more writedowns and depreciation. Also the function of the factors as risk manager, who continuously monitors the creditworthiness of the customer for its Factoring clients, relieved of the day-to-day business and creates space for the core competencies of the company. A further positive impact arises from the fact that with the sale of claims the assets significantly reduced. A consistent equity subordinated, increases the important for the rating of the company code of “Equity”. The credit and market reputation improved compared to the funding providers, suppliers, and customers.