Facial Muscles

Oh, those times of year, every one of them have a lot of advantages, but also its shortcomings. We all know how to feel sad when summer ends and autumn arrives. For various reasons, for some it's the end of the leave and go to work for someone to attack a cool and rainy, but for someone maybe it's time separations. But as practice shows, for various reasons, namely the fall of us prevail against melancholy and longing. What we can do to not be tempted fall into autumn depression. Nature has a great power, and sometimes she shows us the way out. But the man is so busy and so few pay attention to it. What often passes all by myself, so hard to be optimistic and especially difficult in the fall.

But we are not afraid of difficulties, as the saying goes "Tanks are not afraid of dirt, maybe try to recognize all of something beautiful that brings us to the autumn it's time to add some of its zest. Of course, you can do enumeration of all those wonderful natural phenomena that occur in autumn, but I meant a little more. Naturally, we must notice the beautiful colorful leaves on the trees, which can be so only in autumn, the wind playing with fallen leaves, flocks of birds flying away in a wedge of warmer climes, but we must not forget the human factor. Yes, yes, that man can make all this a huge beam of light and heat, it is worth it just smile. All we go on public transport, walking on the streets, and every day we see a huge stream of tortured, focusing on some problems of people. And this becomes even more sad, and nature has not pleases. But is it worth to someone from the crowd you just smile, or even more, say a compliment, as it immediately changes, it becomes bright, pleasant, and this so want to smile, jump and whirl.

Themselves in order not to notice how our mood is improving with every minute, his face breaks into a smile and response in the language of spinning the words "I'm not alone and life is beautiful". Here is an extremely small movement of facial muscles, can lead to such startling effect, to raise someone mood, provoke emotion, or even fix a bad day. And moreover, for it does not have to pay, we can do it for free, so let's be more smiling, paying compliments, do not even know our people. And this not only by the spirit, but also in nature will be lighter and warmer. And you do not even remember that autumn – a dreary time.