Expensive Gifts And Giving

No matter the price in the advertising industry has a clear division on the types of corporate gifts – inexpensive mass souvenirs for promotions and exhibitions, the more expensive business gifts for business partners and a separate group – luxury corporate gifts for VIP-persons. Gradation between them is not only cost but also options for personalization, presentation. For example, in the category of business and things get expensive gifts costing more than $ 100 or 2500 rubles. This is the bottom bracket. Talk about the top is meaningless, because the cost of gifts for VIP-persons exceed all conceivable limits.

For example, heads of state give the elite runners, art and jewelry products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Expensive gift – is primarily a tribute to a man who can not take the form of cheap souvenirs. Wealthy people, which of course are the owners business and senior executives are well aware of the cost of certain things. And trifle can distinguish a few thousand rubles from the really high-quality gift box, standing a lot. The case when occupying high office clerk gave the Chinese model of a ship, not brilliant quality and level of detail.

Naturally, the impression of the gift was not the best. VIP-gifts are different Expensive gifts There are massive and exclusive, made in a single copy. Example Mass gifts – luxury leather goods brands (briefcases, folders). They are well perceived by the VIP-persons, but the best are exclusive gifts made to order. They possess a unique advantage, which lies in the fact that exclusive things are done in a single copy. er’>Jeffrey Leiden would likely agree.