Europe Relation

The appraised slight knowledge, conceptions and proposals as conservatives have as convergence point the critical ones in relation to the politicosocial system restored the French Revolution after. Everything that had relation with European the Iluminista tradition started to be white of severe critical. This movement that HOBSBAWN (1995) calls of wave conservative had its origin in century XIX, from a critical revision of the proposals of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity presented by the 1789 revolutionaries. This reaction conservative had as white central offices all those rules that remembered Liberalism, the universal suffrage, the lay State, the Reason and the Democracy. One of the most detached representative of the thought conservative was, according to BERLIN (1991), Joseph de Maistre. The restoration catholic was the great goal of J. Maistre, that is, the rescue of the values, beliefs and originary doctrines of the tradition in the faith and the belief of the values of the scholastic of the Average Age.

Therefore, the changes implemented from the French Revolution were identified as great responsible by the problems and the disequilibria of the modern society. Joseph de Maistre refuted the proper conception of modernity. Its ideas had as base the faith, the tradition and the mysteries of the divine origin. Thus, any explanation that did not have as base the rules of the Catolicismo more conservative was seen as one attempted against purest religious faith e, therefore, an approach of the satanic forces of the Reason. These theories conservatives had circulated, mainly, for the Europe during all century XIX. Its formuladores beyond if opposing the loss of importance of the paper of the Church in relation to the State, also analyzed critically the universal suffrage. The defenders of these conceptions believed the power the holy ghost Dos Reis and defended that the administration of the government would have to be of entire responsibility of the Monarchy.