“There are many young people adequate or medium-sized enterprises, which make bets onupdate and keep pace with the times. However, the old business executives still cling to the existing fund “, – says expert. Company “Prom-OIL” on the market since 1999. The company currently has the largest warehouse in the Urals region machines. In addition, a warehouse in China.

The total capacity of storage – more than 350 pieces of equipment. The main purpose of the company is Industrial-Oil – Ensure the needs of engineering companies in a high and continuously operating metal-working equipment. This goal is achieved through: Literacy selection of equipment with a focus on achieving the optimum three indicators: Price – Quality – Efficiency. Makes effective use of invested funds and to achieve maximum utilization of equipment in maintaining the balance of powers of production. Integrated delivery of equipment, tools, accessories, control programs for CNC machine tools, training employees to work on the given hardware. Allows you to enter in the shortest time of the equipment and ensure that it is downloading. Pre-diagnostic equipment. Timely warranty and post-warranty equipment supplied.

Professional counseling companies on the effective use of equipment. An additional training employees. Allows you to reduce the incidence of equipment failure, minimize downtime for breakage or loss of staff capable of working on this type of equipment. The success of the company is also due to the wide nomenclature of the proposed equipment, corresponding to a completely different criteria of our customers. Experts of our company, many of whom have a PhD, solve the following engineering problems: the design and optimization business processes with the selection of tools and tooling, equipment selection, development and implementation of software products (ERP, PDM, CAD / CAM); introduction of cutting equipment and technology processing parts of the customer in the existing production lines businesses, the development of production lines with robots, training of specialists of enterprises of the features of the new equipment and its services; and after-sales service of equipment.