Effective Marketing

Easy display banner display an effective PoS-marketing tool in economically bad times according to a study of the U.S. media agency Ogilvy action, in which more than 6,000 consumers were surveyed, is a banner display as a marketing tool in times of financial crisis more effectively than price cuts. Discounts and discount prices are certainly reasonable and effective marketing instruments in difficult economic situations, a banner display, that placed a trader in his business premises, was effective but to a multiple. A banner display influence especially so-called impulse purchases. About 29% of customers surveyed stated that they often would persuade at the point-of-sale to an impulse buying, which had been planned before the store visit in this way. 25% of this impulse buyers saw a display of banner placed in the store room or a different kind of advertising stand as responsible for their spontaneous purchasing decisions. While the banner display still not even directly next to the advertised goods must have been. In contrast, only 17% said the respondents from the buying decision as a result of special rates was made.

The easy-Flex banner display is the classic among the banner display systems of the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover. The easy-Flex banner display stands out not only with an excellent price performance ratio, but also with a timeless design and extremely easy handling. A telescopic pole is mounted on the floor cross the easy-Flex banner display. Two Rails that using 3 M tape the advertising banners in the mass B60 cm is attached to x H160 is located on it. Overall, the easy-Flex banner display weighs less than 2 kg and is supplied with a carrying bag. For more information about our banner display EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (public relations) jerome.chung(at) advertising flags