From the moment where it defines the trend with which it will go to work, is necessary that the educators are cliente so that they understand the importance to make to happen to the accomplishment of this strategy. It is clearly that it will have moments where the professor must oppose it certain situations. The resume can be compared with a mirror, therefore it reflects the trajectory of life of the institution, leaving of its organization, experiences and objectives to be reached. The resume is seen as experience because it is part of the daily life in such a way of the professors how much of the learning. Through it, they appear the questionings of the lived experience, form that is made an analysis of what it is right or wrong.

It searchs the essence through the experiment. Ghedin et al (2006, P. 139) it affirms that ‘ ‘ … we understand the resume as corporate object that contains peculiarities when applied and developed inside of one determined educative system, acquiring body and peculiar essence. … ‘ ‘. According to author, the resume that is worked of correct form presents ways for the development of a significant education. For this, its necessary politics to be entailed to the social context of the individual, since it is an object that possesss good.

In this direction, its existence inside of the educative system is charged. 1.1.1 Etimologia of the Resume the term resume has its Latin origin, where it presents some concepts. With this, the word suffered some transformations, but it did not lose the original direction, always protecting its essence. Currere appeared of the verb, that it means (to run). He was known as Curriculum, that was a name ‘ ‘ neutro’ ‘ for being in the plural one. Resume means ‘ ‘ carreira’ ‘.