Economic Crisis

The children no longer want to follow the tradition familiar. To inherit one tends, which is only going to create problems before having to end up to them throwing the closing, it is less rewarding than to remove oppositions. It is what the economic crisis entails: that it subverts until the most ingrained values. Who yes they have, however, its guaranteed future they are the children of the televising gulfs, that endogmica species of famous at the expense of its successive public and well-known copulas with other celebrities that enjoy the same and unique merit that they. The last specimen of those endless and fatigosas sagas of the increasing telebasura that floods to us is a very small one of 21 years, of Clemente name and son of Alessandro Lecquio and Antonia dell attention(or attn).

The predatory one, of the hand of its proud mother, already has done its televising debut in the last program of the histrinico Jorge Javier Vzquez, speaking on the manly member of its ancestor ( my father falls in love easily, I also I have that weakness ), on the laborious life of its scatterbrained mother and on other dispensable own and other people’s privacies. A cathodic baptism, then, by all the stop. As it is seen, the sprouts of these peculiar social parasites precociously begin to follow the steps to pater to us, unlike the children of doctors, lawyers or phamacists, loaded of melindres and tiquismiquis at the time of becoming position of the familiar office. Clear that those do not have to fight with clients and suppliers, to engage employees, to pay the IVA, but to tell his golferas simply, to skin its relatives, since they make the Matamoros brothers, and to speak of its lovers, ex- lovers and future adventures of bed as if nothing had happened. The leafy list of televising exhibitionists has, which it is seen, guaranteed its biological relief. It is enough with being son, nephew, brother-in-law or until mucama of a famous one to find a huequecito in ghota of people who live by the face: by the genitals, it would be necessary to say, if we try to be more necessary.