Disk Defragmenter

This technology is simply running in the background, providing optimal speed of the system. Automatic disk defragmentation Developing the theme, it is worth noting that the improved version of Disk Defragmenter Windows Vista works on the same principle. Instead, to represent you to visualize data about how fragmented your hard drive, and offer you regularly defragment it manually, and the disk defragmenter runs automatically (by default – once a week), providing a regular defragmenting your hard drive. Wonderful idea! And best of all – you do not need to configure anything on their own: a regular defragmentation drive is enabled by default. Bravo! Although Windows hibernation mode for a long time provides opportunities to improve power management, the previous version of the system suffers from two flaws, one of which is huge. Surprisingly large percentage of computers with Windows xp not able to easily enter sleep mode (where the screen dims, the rotation of the hard disk slows down, and the system responds to the environment for as long as computer does not "wake"), and out of it. In addition, the state of hibernation (where all the data in ram is written to disk, and all open applications and documents remain intact to the user can later continue with the point at which stopped), running without problems, but too long, especially for systems with large amounts of ram. If you are faced with these issues – good Welcome to the os Windows Vista, in which the standby and hibernate together under one name – "sleep mode" (to be precise, hibernation is in Windows Vista, but they are usually ignored).