Destination Collection

Today this number corresponds the 29 quarters, what engloba 63% of the population. However, exactly taking care of almost 2/3 of the population, the efficiency of the system of collection of dry residues is not expressive, since the average in percentage of the residues you recycle collected in last the 4 years was of 10%.Em 01 TAB. this express to the relation of the volume of the generated recycled residues between the year of 2006 and 2009, with the volume of residues recycle destined fills with earth for it and the recycling. Table 1 – Destination of the solid residues total reciclveis.ANOGerao of residues you recycle (ton) Efficiency of the selective collection (%) Recycling (ton) I fill with earth Bathroom (ton) Report of the license of operation (2001) and Itabirito (2009).

In accordance with the TAB.01 is clear the indifference of the city hall with the system of selective collection what it can result in the reduction of the useful life I fill with earth of it. According to manager of the division of the center of ambient education (CEA), Appeared Cristina of the Rock Wedge, the responsible ones for the selective collection do not obtain to take care of to all the route programmed in the week, thus tons of dry residues are directed fill with earth for it. Still in accordance with the manager, the city of Itabirito does not present projects directed toward Ambient Education, it detached that of the 34 institutions of education (basic, average and superior) gifts in the city, only the Municipal School Laura Queiroz disciplines presents it of ‘ ‘ Ambiental’ education; ‘ in the curricular grating. In parallel with the system of selective collection functions the Association of the Catadores de Materiais Recycle of Itabirito? ASCITO, that has the responsibility to make the collect and the selection of the materials you recycle (CEA, 2009).