Cutting Glass

Before glazing bindings folds must be cleaned and dried proolifleny. Glass in bindings should override the folds no more than 3 / 4 width. Between the edge of the glass and the board folds leave a gap of 2 mm. If the glass will approach close to the fold, then the swelling bindings tree press on the glass and split it. The same thing can happen when strong heating of glass.

Tools used in glass works, as well as order of cutting and breaking glass are given in Fig. With proper cutting, diamond glass cutter on the glass should be colorless thin trail of strings (he publishes a glass cutter at the same time smooth and clear sound with a distinctive crackle). In case of incorrect cutting the glass is rough white band (in this case, the glass usually breaks down is not on the cut line, and arbitrary). Break the glass handed, left corner him so that the line was cut exactly on the edge of the table. Too narrow edge of the glass break glass cutter, grabbing the edge of the slit glass cutter or pliers (figure).

If the glass is incised bad, to increase the depth of cut on the underside of his rattle glaziers. Proper cutting and reduce the rate of flow of glass. Fig. Tools for glass works (dimensions in mm): a – pliers, end, b – Combination Pliers; in – square d – glass cutter, e – glass cutter diamond e – glass cutter universal, 1 – right lever, 2 – left arm, and 3 – axis, 4 – to the base, 5-Line, 6 – holder, 7 – handle 8 – Drum 9 – cutting roller; 10 – Diamond 11 – the groove