Companies Develop Computer Presentation Tools

According to estimates by Microsoft 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created worldwide every day Hamburg (1). “A billion tomb”, judges the Hamburger business consultant and coach Bernd Hansen. He exhibits no good testimony to the now-standard, software-based presentations. “Presentation tools have been created to assist speakers. Not to supplant them, brings the presentation expert his main criticism the misapplication of tools on the point.

Just like foil and flip chart, PowerPoint charts the trendy Word to illustrate and clarify. Do not replace or repeat. But the reality looks different: overloaded charts, wild animation and of course text. Blinking text. Flying text. And text that is read Word for Word by a speaker whose effect and power of persuasion is reduced to a distant voice from the darkness. A scenario that tired and bored, rather than to arouse attention and to create tension.

“You have to be no economist, to” the studied business administration Hansen concludes to realize how much economic resources here fizzle”,”presentations are elaborately created, then presented in larger circles, and after the presentation it is missing due to lack of punch in the desired outcome. In the worst case, this means: twice cost produced and once failed to yield. At 30 million presentations daily so billions of dollars, Yen and euros can be sunk. And also every day”. A compelling presentation stands or falls with the presenter. Not the price alone, not the method, and not the medium decide about the success, but the effect and persuasive power of the speakers. Hansen followed this simple motto has always been: as producer of the TV series speeches for everyone ‘, as editor in Chief of trade publication successfully convince and present’ and as a trainer for presentation and persuasion art. Who the experiences of Hansen’s, since 20 years companies in Germany. Austria and the Switzerland advises and trains, currently would like to use, now has an extraordinary opportunity to do so. As in the previous year, has Hansen the price breaker project seminar-discounters a limited quota on workout days provided. This quota is to the known low seminar-discounters terms, i.e. with a price reduction of approximately 80% angeboten(2). The new discount system seminar-discounters it is also possible to book packages from coach days, which are later to schedule. For more information see. (1) source Wikipedia (2) 2005 Hamburg consultancy CHM Ltd competed, with the project seminar-discounter to revolutionize the education industry pricing. The day fees for corporate and individual training in the amount of 379,24 euro as well as the fees for seminars of 47.06 euros per day per person seminar undercuts-discounters the usual average market prices to up to about 80%. At the same time, superior quality is guaranteed through the use by expert trainers up over 20 years of practical experience. All prices plus 19% VAT press contact: seminar-discounters CHM Ltd Branch Office Germany Daniel Jessen P.