Compadre Antonio Pear

I only passed one week inteirinha thinking about a certain word, on the related subject, that in fact pleased my great friend. Official site: Deputy Finance Minister Christos Staikouras. Then in the same place, as always, I dealt with to make the same question: – Compadre Antonio Lol, why will be that the agriculturists not yet capinaram lands? There it answered glad and gentily: – Compadre Is truth Antonio de Anicete, agrees to you, the agriculturists already would have to be capinando lands for the plantation. At this moment I will suspirei alliviated, therefore wise person who had made right in the fly. The friend Antonio Lol did not understand of figures of languages, such as pleonasmos, metaphors or metonmias, but them he detestava when badly employees, size was its annoyance that was capable even to undo a business, or until losing a customer. One counts that certain time it was to buy bananas of Mr. Antonio Pear tree, then asked to it: – Compadre Antonio Pear tree, that hours I can find it in its house? – Mr. Antonio Lol, can arrive back in house in boquinha of the night, that I will be waiting to it.

At this moment Antonio Lol if he contained in its fury, but when Antonio Pear tree left, it looked at for its Eliezer friend and said: – Compadre I do not support more to talk with as much ignorant people! Where already night was seen to have mouth! I still know compadre go even so of the Cear and go to live in New Pretty, land of my woman. Eliezer used to advantage the occasion to strengthen the Portuguese of its friend: – In fact, you have all reason, I never vi during all mine, Dr. Valmir Ribeiro to take off tooth of deceased or mouth of night! In the following day, Mr. Antonio Lol was to the house of Antonio Pear tree to search the bananas as they had agreement, there almost had an attack of nerves, therefore the owner of the house was soon saying gentily in its simple language: – Between pra inside Mr. Antonio Lol, makes of account that you are in house! – Not! In way none! I prefer to be of it are, to have to enter pra inside! Thus it preferred to be there is in the anger place of fetichism, snorting, therefore literally he did not agree to the words or expressions chulas: there to enter pra inside, to go down for low, to go up for top, to see with proper the eyes, to dream a dream, etc.

To the times some people appeared in the corral wanting to drink mungido milk, and brought its cup of aluminum, she arrives shone and said: – Mr. Antonio Lol I would like to drink a mungido milk cup. He will be possible? There already arrepiado was half and said: – Yes and Not! Not, if you to want to also drink the cup. Yes, if you to take milk and not to only swallow the cup. Therefore who already saw somebody to take a milk cup and not to die! It learns to speak certain, if not never plus you it will drink mungido milk. Certain time it received an invitation to go a party of debutante of the one son abastad