Communications Management

This note is devoted to managing communications project. According PMBoK 4 th edition, Communications Management includes the following processes: identification of stakeholders of the project planning, communications, dissemination of information, manage expectations of stakeholders and project performance reports. Practical advice on managing communications were described previously (1), in the same note, briefly, I would like to show the complexity and importance of communication on the project. If you are not familiar with the discipline of project management or never directed the work on the project, the scope of management communications at the project may seem to ridiculously simple. It seems that it can turn, determine who is interested in the project and sends them information, you go to meetings and report on the project to management. It's simple. However, implementation of even just these actions are not as easy as it looks. To begin with, that all the processes to manage communications iteratively. This means that you can not make a list of stakeholders of the project and put a check mark that work is done. Reaching such a list (roster of stakeholders of the project) you are required to monitor its relevance, ie time to change the data in the list to contain the latest information on the interested parties to the project, otherwise it can not be. This greatly adds work, if we consider that these actions you need to perform not only the roster of interested parties and that interested persons on the project can be set.