Commercial Products

In some industrial plants used (since 1986) capture a continuous process of maleic anhydride from reaction gases by organic solvents. The crude product is purified by distillation and chemical heat treatment. Consumption of benzene or n-butane 1150-1200 kg per 1000 kg of maleic anhydride. In this case, the commercial product contains 99,7-99,9% NOH. Small of maleic anhydride by catalytic vapor-phase oxidation are hydrocarbon fractions C4 and separated from the by-products of phthalic anhydride from ortoloksilola. The vast majority maleic anhydride is used for unsaturated polyester resins.

It is used also for the synthesis of fumaric and malic acids, maleic acid hydrazide (plant growth regulator), defoliants (eg, endotalya), fungicides (Canton, etc.), insecticides (malathion), as a modifier of alkyd resins, additives for lubricating oils to change the internal friction materials in the production of tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, and THF g-butyrolactone. Forecast demand for maleic anhydride Maleic anhydride is a raw material mainly for the production of polyester resins, polyester other products. It so happens that most of the final products used in construction (fiberglass, artificial stone, paint) – the industry is currently experiencing difficult times. However, the reduction in consumption will not be as significant as it may seem at first glance, however, already in 2009 it will be at least 12%. Yet, this optimistic version, but it is both the most realistic.

Consumers will try to use some cheaper, domestic products (which serves as raw material for maleic anhydride), and at the same time, the state will seek to tighten the barrage of measures, implementation of protectionist policies. Thus, the demand outlook is reflected in the chart below. Source: Assessment AKPR Thus, in particular the considerable fall in demand will occur in 2009, in 2010 – have been positive trends. The volume of demand will recover. In 2012, consumption will approach the level of 2007, and further demand continue to grow. In this perspective, expect a production of maleic anhydride in Russia do not have to – the needs of industry would be small, and the prospects for exports to other countries – is unclear. None Still, many Western companies still have plans for such production in the CIS, however, the timing of their implementation have been left for 1-2 years. In reality, the emergence of production can be expected not earlier than in years 2016-2017. on one of the production of synthetic rubbers. This is dictated by market demand conditions in the surrounding regions as a whole and Russia in particular. C analysis of the Russian market of maleic anhydride can be found in the report Academy Conjuncture industrial markets "Market maleic anhydride in Russia."