The yeebase start-ups community has Cobocards as innovative Web2. 0 tool Aachen, recorded in his Grunderzene March 3, 2009 – before was exactly one month Cobocards for the German E-learning innovation and young nominated (D-Elina). Today, the young company was inducted in the yeebase-start-up database. “startups”, is the new startup portal by yeebase media solutions and introduces Web 2.0 startups, as well as their technical platform and implementation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jeremy Tucker. In order to offer a high level of quality will be presented on “startups” hand-picked companies. To do this, apply under other following criteria: degree of innovation which is the main business of the company’s business idea on the Internet the startup must come from the German-speaking with the nomination for the D-Elina Cobocards had already confirmed the degree of innovation its service performance by a 15-member jury get.

As a reward the company was allowed to imagine 3 days 2009 a wide audience on the Learntec in Karlsruhe. A total 5,200 visitors were at the Learntec this year. Among these also Teacher, Publisher representatives who were interested in collaborative learning with flashcards. Also the yeebase has now confirmed the degree of innovation of the project with the inclusion in its database. Reeta Holmes will not settle for partial explanations. “Every day increases the number of our users and we received very positive feedback. This and the recognition of yeebase motivates us very tirelessly continue to work”, says one of the founding members.

According to Ali Yildirim is Cobocards still in its infancy and will publish interesting news shortly. Dipl.-kfm. Ali Yildirim Cobocards GbR Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen phone: 0241-511959 the Cobocards GbR is a young Start-Up supported by the RWTH Aachen with headquarters in Aachen. The company was founded by former students of the University and FH Aachen, covering the core competencies of the company design/design, computer science and business administration. Companies subject to Cobocards is the in-house and contract development of Web-based software products for niche markets, in particular in the field of e-learning and its independent sales or sale as well as the later advice by end customers through the introduction of appropriate products. The vision of the company is to provide easy to use, aesthetically pleasing Web applications to end users. Speed, quality, honesty and attention are important guiding principles of the company. First product Cobocards developed the Web application COBOCARDS one online learning and teaching for pupils, students and teachers, and a micro “-represents the enterprise content management system.” Beside the RWTH Aachen, the University of applied sciences Aachen, the founder College of Aachen and the Berlin University of the arts to the page are Cobocards as strategic partners.