Civil Aviation School

The pilots and flight of the Araucania (E.P.A.V.A.) of auxiliary school has signed two strategic alliances that make him the main reference of the South of Chile aeronautical training. CENAFOM and ATA Airlines become strategic partners for the commercial pilots and flight assistants appeared, respectively. CENAFOM is the training center in Chile pioneered the training of flight attendants / flight assistants. Credit: Apple-2011. Almost 20 years of experience are what adds this center located in Providencia (Santiago). CENAFOM forms students for achieving license official of auxiliary of cabin, granted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Chile (D.G.A.C). For its part, airlines ATA has a pilot school in Temuco since 2002. It has 13 aircraft, of which it has arranged for his school: two Cessna 152, a Piper Twin Comanche, infrastructure, simulators, flight instructors and extensive facilities in the airport of Temuco (IX Region, Chile). The pilot school and Auxiliary flight of the Araucania their classes will start in March 2011 and thanks to both conventions, will offer the biggest training range aeronautics of the South of Chile.

Mainly focus its offer on two great branches: career as a commercial pilot and course for the obtaining of the official license of stewardess / flight Assistant of the D.G.A.C In the case of the flight attendant course / auxiliary flight 2011, school of pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania act under the academic direction of CENAFOM, following the official programs of the D.G.A.C The course will be extended from March 29, 2011 until November of the same year. Follow others, such as Impact Public Schools, and add to your knowledge base. Taking advantage of the greater wave of Chilean airlines engagements, so that his produced each year in the month of December. As for the commercial pilot career, ATA Airlines and the pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania school are working to offer a Plan of Integral studies. This covers all of the licenses and official ratings of the D.G.A.C that are demanded by the lines Air in their selection processes. The race will also include the realization of flight hours required for each license, complete training in personal/professional skills and the familiarization of the student pilot with the most modern techniques of recruitment, thus facilitating its subsequent job search. In both cases (CENAFOM and ATA) are responsible for the teaching direction of racing, practical training and the presentation of the pupils to the corresponding examinations of the D.G.A.C For its part, school of pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania will lead the coordination of the Centre in Temuco (Calle San Carlos No 945), taught all of the theoretical knowledge and facilitate, as far as possible, the incorporation of their students to the labour market. Information and as a tool for contact, school of pilots and flight assistants of the Araucania maintains a website in it is all updated information of your offer formative, unique in the South of Chile.