CIS Parts

To date, KAMAZ trucks require a lot of different parts due to a sizeable fleet of aging and high mileage of these vehicles. Initially, these hardy and strong cars have been designed to work in various remote areas with different temperature conditions. But no matter how sturdy a vehicle still fails and you have to buy spare parts for to repair the car. Buying auto parts stores or on the car market, you may encounter a fake, because today may be difficult to find spare parts for this car brand. Most large companies in the territory of Russia and the CIS offers its customers a KAMAZ trucks, as well as various kinds of spare parts. Such companies generally work only with factories – manufacturers that implement the cargo details. They offer a wide selection of trucks and original quality spare parts such as: bearings, gearboxes, motors, batteries, transmission, cab and etc.

Order spare parts can be delivered by various modes of transport. When ordering, the customer is invited to the most optimal mode of delivery appropriate to the criterion "duration / price. Rail way delivery provides for transportation of goods in railway containers to remote areas through the airlines, but for short distances – by car. Companies are trying to build relationships with customers based on mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation, trust and openness. We value our customers, so we take into account their interests and needs. Professionalism, high qualification and extensive experience of employees of companies put them at a higher level compared with other suppliers. A careful approach to the study of market trends of automobile spare parts, as well as individual approach to allow customers to take such companies leading position in the Russian market. Many companies offer their regular wholesale customers effective system of discounts.

Also today, you can make an order for the supply of original spare parts for KAMAZ online. Selecting the necessary spare parts you need to make and send a request, specifying the place and method of delivery. If necessary, all the details you can check with the company's employees over the phone. Source: Ltd. 'Transit-K'