With the changing life, we often look back at the previous experiences. For what purpose? Well, with the only purpose of finding evidence of what we did well and just need to change to improve our lives. This change, of course, must be to improve and get what there is to many in his existence: the happiness! And what is happiness but the wealth of experience not only pleasant but also what fills our soul, spirit and heart. In a word, that for which we are on this face of the world, and wish our Creator. But it is time for us to make this change necessary and important. And I think first we must change our attitudes towards ourselves first and then to others. That is not easy, surely.

But to do so you need a crucial ingredient: the will, and this must be followed or be linked to the conviction he get what we want in reality. Business as usual, engaged in a “model” obsolete and impractical does not lead to anything good, Moreover, we accumulate the negative charge does not allow us to move forward, progress. We are human and to err is human but we must not remain in such a situation irrelevant. It’s time to make the changes necessary to not only satisfy our deepest desires, but to make our lives worthy of being lived consistently and with the certainty of obtaining at the end what we want. And this can translate as easily as a single: love. What are we waiting for? Do not forget that love is to seek the good of oneself and others. Then you are in our hands and our decision to do so. It is time to do what we must.