Car Rental Companies Forsee Shortage of Vehicles

The car rental company foresees a shortage VictoriCars fleet in the Mediterranean airport for summer 2009. VictoriCars customers have already been warned through a memo, the company has already notified its occupancy forecasts for the airport, inviting them to make reservations for the season in advance. Tourists looking for last minute offers may experience a nasty surprise waiting too long to make your reservation. With some certainty, the most popular vacation destinations like the Costa Blanca is affected by the shortage of rental cars, said Jose Luis Garrote, Head of the reserves to VictoriCars. Read additional details here: Santie Botha. Like most customers arrive by plane, is almost obvious that the airport of Alicante – El Altet will be among the first to run out of cars, according to Jose. “Although too, about the rise of cultural tourism which has been registered over the country in recent years are anticipated stops on the sale and also Madrid “.” In any case, it is advisable to reserve in good time and reach the destination with further confirmation, avoiding situations of nerves and loss of time. “ Book is easy and takes only three steps: After you have chosen the origin, destination and dates, the client displays a list of cars with their respective prices of all groups that are available in your chosen destination. Once chosen the car, the customer simply select between the extras you need, fill in personal information and bookings.

Once the client receives a confirmation message, and you can forget it, your rental car will be waiting at your chosen destination on the dates you have chosen . On the other hand and to avoid the discontent of loyal customers, VictoriCars has launched a special offer that rewards prepaid reservations discounts. For bookings made on 15 to 30 days in advance there is a 1% discount on final price. For reserves between 31 and 60 days before the 2% discount for those who want to play safe and book your car with more than 60 days in advance will receive a 3% discount. VictoriCars encouraged to check availability for car hire Alicante. VictoriCars is a car rental company in Spain with more than 25 years of experience offering car hire in Alicante, car rental Barcelona and Madrid. They are available in Murcia, Malaga and Valencia airport. In the Costa Blanca, Calpe, Denia, Moraira and Torrevieja. Rental cars include: airport service, wide range of vehicles, unlimited mileage and a professional multilingual customer service.