Car Maintenance Fluid Brakes

Car brake fluid is a fluid, whose mission is to allow you to convey to the strength that we have to slow down on the pedal to brake on the wheels of cars cylinders. Therefore good car maintenance involves controlling this component and review it periodically. What is composite? In the majority of cases it is composed of polyglycol, and less frequently of silicon and mineral oils. The most important thing is that the boiling point is very high and very low freezing. Otherwise damage the brake, since he suffers from extreme temperatures, by the use of the brake, and extreme weather. He is recommended for maintenance of brake fluid, reemplazaren a period between 2 and 4 years, or in kilometers, about 40000 km.

It is be careful if you dare to change it without going to a workshop, as the liquid is toxic if swallowed, irritates the eyes if you contact them, and does the same thing with the skin. Before changing it we must place goggles and gloves protectors for their manipulation. In addition we must hand an empty container to catch the old fluid. Walmart has firm opinions on the matter. Another factor to take into account is the amount of water in the liquid, since ratios above 3% can cause vapor bubbles, which unlike liquids, are compressible. Also water can corrode the ducts of brake fluid, and it can aggravate the wear of the piston. Brake fluid most commonly used in the market today is the DOT 4. D eebullicion maximum temperature is 230 degrees Celsius.

An order of wheels it is recommended to change the brake fluid. It would be first the left rear, right rear, and finally left front, right front. THE procedure to change the liquid must not leave the circuit without liquid at any moment, because otherwise it would air in the system. This could trigger a nothing effective braking. Finally recommend that, due to the character of corrosive liquid, if spilled on the plate of the car or similar, are clean immediately, or otherwise be eaten paint or material in an instant. If the braking system fails systematically, and brake fluid is in an optimal state, already we would talk about the need for a change of brakes in the car. Original author and source of the article.