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In the following article we will discuss some issues are of utmost importance for your real estate agency. CARE! that it seems that you it’s boring for many, things such as mathematics and statistics, but it is much deeper than that: speaks of the behavior of your customers (Yes, your real estate agency’s clients) and how, knowing this, you should act in the future, if even you’re not leveraging this. Perhaps already your competition is doing in the same way that in other areas, the real estate business (or, at least, everyone who intends to remain in the medium and long term) needs to generate satisfied customers and faithful (i.e. customers that generate you more than one real estate business). Knowing and applying the information that I will share here with you, you’ll be several heads ahead of your competition in obtaining this objective.

I see it every day with people who I advise, and also others who would need to implement this type of knowledge that now you’re acquiring you. SOME facts of reality: Various studies conclude that 70% ends up making treatment with the first real estate agent that is contacted. In other words, if you are the first agent, then you have 7 chances of each 10 being who finished closing deal with this client. It is essential, then, to see how you put you in the first place. Other studies say that only 16% of those who have bought or sold your property with a real estate agent would hire him in the future.

I.e., they are one-time customers. And I view clients clients are subtracting you (today the world is like a small town, where everyone knows everyone, the long or the short). Examples abound for this you have to concentrate on not only being the first with that potential client takes contact, but also be who meets the customer’s expectations once you’ve closed the business. Or, in my first words, convert it into a loyal customer (one client generates you a minimum of 3 business, either by) Yes or recommendations). Obviously, these two data are only the tip of the iceberg of many studies. However, they leave a lot of fabric to be cut, many points by analyzing, and many things to do on your real estate agency site, from the point of view of real estate online marketing is concerned. To these tasks we avocaremos in coming articles. To keep up to date with more techniques, in how to apply the information seen here and others, I invite you to visit my sector on online real estate marketing and to subscribe free of charge to access exclusive videos to learn how to get new customers in your real estate business now. see you soon!