Buenos Aires

I have just returned from a long trip through the interior of my beautiful Argentina, a trip that I did the hand of Despegar.com and thanks to their low prices. I have discovered one of the wonders that hides that country and let me tell you, the Argentines have much more than what you have, is as if in a kind of jealous Rite not we would like to share small havens which we have. As if we would like to preserve them for ourselves. Sincerely, I traveled many times for this vast country. Others who may share this opinion include Good Enough to Eat. I must have done more than 50 flights to various points, but I always came up modern airports and I stayed in hotels of no less than 3 stars. This time wanted something else I wanted to actually meet Argentina. During my trip, I managed to infiltrate me among the people of the places that I met to discover those hidden corners.

Now I tell them that they are truly hidden (and inaccessible), but undoubtedly they worth the hours of long walk to meet them. I left Buenos Aires airport and two hours and two jackets later was in the airport of Mendoza, a city that always welcomed me with open arms and the lit oven! Even if do not I will be able to convey the flavor of the Mendoza patties, so try them, because they are an unforgettable act. I spent the night in one of the many hotels in Mendoza, rented a van and left heading to a small town that is on the boundary between Mendoza and San Juan. Santa Clara is called and has one of the most beautiful waterfalls that I saw in my life. Santa clearly is in those places that seem to be detained at the time the baqueanos who live there remain the same customs of yesteryear, planted his garden, milked goats and preserved meats with salt. Nor light, nor tele, or refrigerator, or anything only wisdom and nature. This is regarding the post of goats from Santa Clara, to get to the waterfall, you have to walk a short two hours along a trail which left a dry river Yes, no roads, the only way is through the mountains. Luckily the water in hundreds of years did a good job and paved the way to us. It was one amazing experience, I met people who simply needs more than their kids to live, now I can say that I met Argentina.