Between Society

Thus Albert Einstein enunciated: Between the difficulties hides the opportunity, and the North American writer Orison Swett Marden, added: does not leave ahead celebrating successes, but surpassing failures. However, in our society, the problematic and nonsuccessful difficulty or moments socially speaking, is contemplated of any way, less like an opportunity for the persistence and the learning. This it is the price to live in a society that conceives the success without pain like the unique way life, and the competitiveness like his main instrument; consequently to erase to somebody of failed or losing is of the worse things than it is possible to be said to him, whatever scope of the life to which reference becomes: labor, affective or academic. The models that offer the cinema to us, the television and the society generally, are emperrados in not wanting to recognize the defeat, hide-and-seek of the committed error, in exhibiting everything what it is valued socially like successful, and to never assume responsibility of the own errors. The fort rejection that we internalised, from good young, towards failure is causing that our capacity to face problems and defeats, is seen considerably decreased.

He is peculiar that, nevertheless, seems that consensus in the scientific community exists about which all process of learning begins by the acceptance of the error, and therefore they are possible to be arrived to capitalize the painful experiences, and only to turn them into positive experiences. However, the failure sensation has to do with failed to fulfill expectations, with the distance between what I am and what I believe that I am or I would like to be. It really depends on assault echelon that must raise any person whom it tries to reach a minimum emotional well-being: the knowledge and acceptance of one same one.