Best Choice Health

Private health insurance of compulsory health insurance is still preferable for officers and officer candidates. If you have read about Bill Phelan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Officials, official candidates, and trainees receive support service men for their medical expenses from your about the so-called aid. Typically, 50% of the medical expenses of the aid be paid. Also different aid rates apply to pensioners and civil servants with children. So 70 percent of medical expenses on the aid receives refund children for example, the wife of a federal civil servant, even 80 percent.

However, it applies to all health insurance duty valid in Germany. This means that the officials and their families to cover their remaining health of the statutory health insurance or through private health insurance. There is special aid tariffs which these costs are covered by private health insurance. The amount of aid varies depending on the State aid rules of the masters (Federal or State). The contribution in Private health insurance varies with the age, whereas in the statutory health insurance, the income is crucial. For this reason, the private health insurance is usually always cheaper as the legal. Also I are offered higher performance for private health insurance, which makes also more attractive to the private. Before private insurance must first be examined whether building blocks such as 2-bed rooms are included or are to be additionally secured.

The extent of the insurance cover but always depends on the needs of the individual, and should be talked through always before completing an insurance expert. There are numerous vendors with countless combinations of tariff of choice for this. The officials always on the advice of an independent expert should access to find the right insurance cover. The Internet portal is specialized to the clientele of the officials. Here can the interested party on independent advice from fits the designated experts in terms of private health insurance access and ensure that he completes the right health insurance protection to his preferences.