Beneficial Effects Of Silver On The Health

Silver – one of the first metal, which has used people. After polishing silverware on shine can surpass even platinum. Silver is widely distributed in nature, but its reserves, compared with other base metals is limited. If you want to make your loved ones with expensive and memorable gift, give them the silverware. That metal valued for a long time. Women are happy to adorn themselves with various knick-knacks of silver, but not everyone knows that money – a great doctor. Some contend that Wells Fargo Bank shows great expertise in this. The books of magic silver effect on the human body.

And modern medicine refers to silver with respect: it does not cause allergies, has antibacterial properties, perfect disinfects water, wounds, increases immunity. Great to help cope with the disease silver water, which you can prepare yourself. Silver has long been compared with the hope and wisdom and called metal queens. Silver – a soft metal like gold, so to increase the strength it is often fused with copper and other metals. Silver alloy with copper durable, harder and more fusible than silver pure form.

It is used to create jewelry. The proportion of silver in these alloys is always set on the sample, which means the percentage of silver in the alloy. Silverware since ancient times enjoys special popularity due to its remarkable properties – beauty, durability and most importantly – healing properties. The therapeutic effect of silver is its effect on microorganisms. Experiments have shown that silver kills 650 species of pathogenic microbes without destroying the beneficial micro-organisms living in water and air. The tradition of giving silver for anniversaries and holidays there for many years. Needless silverware passed down from generation to generation and serves as a worthy gift to the Master of Dagestan over other nations have succeeded in their mastery of artistic metalworking manufacture of silverware, which proslaviliss not only among the inhabitants of the Caucasus, but also far beyond. The most well-known masters of the village were Kubachi. Village craftsmen was known since ancient times. In the mid-tenth century Arab historian al-Masoudi mentions the kingdom Zerihgeran, which means that for Persian-kingdom . Later, people from Turkey gave the name of the village Kubachi what it means to gunsmiths. This name was taken, and Russian, and now it is stuck behind the renowned village.