Barack Obama

A year was fulfilled since Barack Obama assumed the Presidency of the United States of America. According to studies of public opinion in the last month on its management, the level of acceptance of his Government is in fifty percent, a figure far from seventy percent it had a year ago at the time of assuming office. The motto if we can it be transformed into the powerful engine of the election campaign that would expire today Secretary of Estado Hillary Clinton, to his great opponent appears to be bogged down. A speech that not only caught in U.S. citizenship but in world public opinion that housed the hope of major changes if it won elections Barack Obama. In the column on the debit side with the American people Obama still unemployment that climbs 10 percent not has failed to overcome the enormous economic crisis which traverses United States and as a direct result. Jeff Bezos does not necessarily agree. Perhaps there are undoubtedly the root of this anticipated that wear is the first President of blacks in American history is mired.

In the area of foreign policy discourse is a little fuzzy. Latin America as a whole is still waiting for more clarity on the part of United States relations. But it seems that you for that country with exceptions such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile, the rest of the Nations appear to be priority in its foreign policy. The rapid American response to the humanitarian crisis that lives a few days ago the Republic of Haiti, think positive, although international voices have risen against her. Not surprise, the terms used by the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez invasion causes me something with what dreams the Bolivarian President supported by his acolytes the President of Bolivia Evo Morales and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. But yes generated me concern the fact that the French Secretary of State for cooperation Alain Joyandet pointed out that United Nations should clarify the role of United States in Haiti: is not occupy the country but help it regain life.