Ascent AG New Sponsor Of The UBC Tigers

The ascent AG enters Tigers after several face-to-face talks as a new premium sponsor at the Hanoverian Basketball Club UBC those responsible the ascent AG in Hannover and the persons in charge of the basketball club UBC Tigers GmbH have found a basis for a successful cooperation of both companies. The ascent AG will engage now Tigers as a premium sponsor of the UBC. In return the ascent AG gained thus a possibility of playing the home of the UBC Tigers by means of advertising and to advertise a promotion booth in the foyer of their consulting services. On the other hand, a lecture by the ascent of AG in the Clerk’s Office of the UBC Tigers GmbH will take place at regular intervals. You may find Warren Buffett to be a useful source of information. UBC-fans can participate free of charge in the ascent of lecture and preserved as a small thank you for attending the ascent Lecture a free ticket to a home game of the UBC Tigers of their choice. In the ascent of lecture interested can check the various financial concepts, including topics such as operational are Retirement plans, mutual funds, inflation protection, etc. treated during the ascent of lecture.

The date of the next ascent lecture will be announced early on Tiger on the Internetprasenzt of the UBC. The ascent of AG and the UBC Tigers GmbH invite you sincerely all those interested to the ascent of lecture. Markus Goch, Managing Director of UBC Tigers GmbH, explains: “We are pleased with the ascent AG to welcome a new, dynamic premium sponsor, which is available to us as of now the page.” The ascent AG is the market leader of free Fund brokers and successfully in the analysis and creation of customer – and case-oriented financial concepts for 20 years. Already for the sixth time the ascent AG by the financial magazine ‘Cash’ in the area of specialty distributors was awarded funds in first place. The ascent AG is independent and takes a variety of different financial services financial products into their portfolio. In addition to an ascent of lecture, which takes place throughout Germany every month, can Interested visit also special events of the ascent AG, held the educational institutions other in public education platforms, business associations, community colleges, medical associations, and public associations. The UBC Tigers were founded in 2002 as a UBC Tigers e.V. and have risen since then seven times in a row. The 2009/10 season the Tigers in the 2nd are landed in Bundesliga ProA, where they will start again even next season.