Aristocracy And Commoners. Visiting Xvii Age

Aristocracy and commoners. Visiting the XVII century. Rich in decor certainly reflected the era of rococo and navizitkah. The ruling by France of Louis XIV methodically consumed treasury at a variety of entertainment and luxuries, as well as actively accustomed to the same positive pliant court of Versailles (and there and all the high society in general, to know Venice, Florence and other countries). Kasatelnovizitok, the custom of 'Visite Biletes' so pleased with the Sun King, that the ritual obmenavizitnymi cards with a complex system of rules has been resolved at the legislative level. "Visitor Card" initially did not exceed the size of an ordinary deck of cards and did not exceed his hands in essence, they themselves have gone from playing cards when the visitors were doing on their remarks, but as a result of strong play a different role. When a guest visits, princes handed a card to take home the servants, through their lackeys, so that those in their turn, knew how to present the newcomer.

In the beginning, even a universal takievizitki leaves small marks or notes and instant fix obligations. In any case, but in the spirit of the era, was a business card only representative function and their purpose was to show the position of the parties, most financial position afishiruya more than benevolence or diplomatic intentions. Perhaps it is simultaneously made cards as necessary to attribute symbolic representatives of high society of the time, turned to them in a mandatory accessory for like a wig, and turned them into true works of art. Sophisticated, particularly conceited business cards came to the point that they were made not only of the plates of ivory and the most expensive types of paper, but even the fabric, glass! At the same decorative handwriting ornateness reached that the monograms and strokes could borrow on the card is almost all the space, leaving nothing to other information. But still it was put printsipelno thoroughly decorated family coat of arms. * At the same time, no such distant England to all corners quickly scattered fashion to distribute the so-called "trading cards" (English Tradecards) – originalnyevizitki stores. Molnienostnoe so widely disseminated and explained to the colossal usability: taking into account the fact that at that time was not accepted tsentrolizovannaya numbering system of buildings, navizitkah display not only the presentation information, but also a piece of card, how to reach the said shop or cafe.

To produce them quickly was because of its size, it is easy and fairly effective: letterpress and woodcuts have long been in vogue. What also plays a role, the newspaper of that time were developed not as universally as it is, but with ads pomoschyuvizitok more accessible, more win-win, influencing targeted at specific people and significantly shortening the distance between seller and buyer. In other words, the cards reach the level of modern media. However, the newspapers, once provoked ispolzovanievizitok almost any trade otnoscheniyah only after nearly two centuries and killed him. With the advent of new technologies and take-off speed of information transmission issue magazines newspapers will become more practical, the price of print advertising and dramatically nispadet tradecards anyone no longer useful.