Adventures In The Easter Holidays

Discover holiday camps for children and young people on various topics of rock, swimming, horse riding and Berlin adventurous children and youth between nine and 16 years can spend eventful holiday on the Easter holiday camps of the nonprofit tour operator journeys-distant adventure. Login to see 0911/94 15-802. The rock camp at Nuremberg from April 13 to 18 deals with the fundamentals of sound and recording technology. How does an amplifier? What is a rack? Sounds a bass guitar without the E”? These issues are discussed on the rock camp. It involves also the proper operation of amplifier and monitor and the setting of a mixer. During the camp, the participants put together a programme of various rock and pop pieces and perform it at the end before an audience of parents, siblings and friends.

The registration fee amounts to 219,-euro and includes accommodation, meals and the rental costs of instruments and equipment. A week on the back of a horse can spend up to nine 13 year old horse fools on riding camp in the vicinity of Munich from April 5 to 11. The camp is aimed at beginners and children with slight knowledge of riding. In addition to the lessons, feeding, mucking out, grooming, cooking with wild herbs and excursions in the area are on the program. The participation fee amounts to 328,-euro and includes accommodation, all meals, care, riding lessons, material and excursions. Who would like to explore the German capital in entirely new ways, can participate in the Berlin trip from April 13 to 18.

The trip is aimed at 13-to 16-year old, a canoe trip on the Spree river channels, a visit to the high rope garden, an exciting city game across Berlin and sightseeing are on the program. The participant fee is 259,-euros plus 18,-euro for the directions with the nice weekend ticket. The right learning gives the adventure Academy “Learn” from April 5 to 11 at Coburg. Everyone learns differently and has certain times where good or less good learning. Learn on the adventure Academy Fourth and fifth grade students, how to properly learn and thereby not frusten from maths, German and co. can be. Exercises, games and memory tricks will help us. The Academy of adventure costs 290,-euros including accommodation, meals, training materials and excursions. On the water rat camp from April 5 to 11, little water lovers can spend all day in the swimming pool. In addition to swimming, diving and jumping, there is the opportunity to take the exam for the seahorses, or one of the youth of German swimming badge at the end of the week. Leisure costs 165,-euros including accommodation, all meals, excursions and swimming pool entrance.