Adventure Tourism

Tourism adventure in Mendoza offers a variety of activities to perform, leading the person to achieve a maximum contact with the environment and the privileged mendocino landscape. Land, air and water are combined for the lovers of the exploration and the physical challenges. By water, trekking and canoeing are imposed for the mendocinos Rapids that have varying degrees of difficulty but with the denominator carried the athlete by landscapes of unusual beauty. The air can be conquered through the paragliding, activity for which Mendoza geography is particularly prepared with its many hills and valleys offered to be sobrevolados. Also heights can be conquered by means of abseiling or mountain climbing, with the possibility of making top in one of the many mountains that exist in the region. But for those who want to conquer the Earth, it is cycling is the ideal choice. A lot of tourist operators provide circuits of varying degrees of difficulty or extension to perform and enjoy the practice of This fun discipline. It is recommended to take service with a company expert in the matter since they offer the confidence of having equipment suitable for the RISP Mendoza geography, the support to security level, usually with a vehicle that accompanied the contingent that provides first aid in case of emergencies and to make group trips, increasing so fun and reducing risks.

For this sport it is essential to wear comfortable clothes, and if you wear long pants remember to bring a wrap model to ankle, slippers, and sunscreen that will include sunglasses and sunscreen to the skin. It is necessary, also carry a small backpack and is required to wear a protective helmet. Some circuits include sections on paved road, which requires extreme regarding traffic safety precautions. For quota less experienced coordinators will elect circuits having gravel and some slopes but which are not too steep. A very interesting option is to make the path of the Wine, visiting several wineries in the area of Lujan’s whose. It is a simple route, without too many steep slopes, and is mainly on asphalt and land. It is a stretch of approximately 16 km and can be done in half a day. A well equipped bike will allow hiking of tourism adventure in Mendoza of longer duration, and can even do night in various campsites, with the advantage to meet sometimes inaccessible places by car.