Adventure Sports Rafting

Rafting is one of the sports most popular adventure of recent times. It is slipping by fast-moving water in a rigid or semi-rigid, gomon by watercourses that may have different height breaks. Rafting is practiced around the world, and according to the degree of difficulty is rated from one to five, being this last one the most dangerous, as is done in waters considered not navigable. The waters suitable for descent tend to be known as aguas blancas by foam that forms on the turbulence and eddies of water. Mendoza is furrowed lengthwise and crosswise by numerous rivers, product of the many thaws that are generated from the Cordillera de los Andes and the waters that spring from the numerous underground reservoirs in the region.

One of the favorite places for athletes for the practice of rafting is the Atuel River. It rises at about 3500 m of height between the elevations of the Andes, and its main source of flow is the glacier of tears. Large amount of hydroelectric engineering works have led to After the course of the Atuel River as the leveling dam Rincon del Indio, or leveling dam black burning. One of the best segments of the Atuel River for the practice of rafting is the Atuel Canyon, between the Valle Grande reservoir and the dam of Nihuil, along about 160 km. For the practice of rafting on this stretch of the River, it is necessary to come to Valle Grande, distant 40 km from San Rafael, important city in the center of the province.

This watercourse is open for sport throughout the year, although during the summer and the spring will appreciate the Green and the incredible biodiversity of the area in all its splendor. The degree of difficulty varies between 2 and 3, that is quite suitable for those who are starting in this discipline. The stretch that most tour operators in the region companies usually offer varies between 10 and 16 kilometers, and can be performed in a span of two hours. One of the most important points for those who want to venture into this fun discipline is to listen carefully the security talks, and use the provided equipment for minimizing risk to obtain maximum fun.